Ignite Blockchain gains the support of Sunjay Dutt and CertiK Security due to its stunning performances

Ignite Blockchain is a rising crypto platform that recently got on board with CertiK. Moreover, it bags the support of veteran actor Sanjay Dutt for its exclusive services and stunning performances in the crypto industry.

Ignite Blockchain gains the support of Sunjay Dutt and CertiK Security due to its stunning performances

Ignite Blockchain is powering the decentralized finance ecosystem not only for the individuals or end-users but for financial institutions & businesses that have cryptocurrency exposure. Defining itself as the next generation of Blockchain, Ignite IT Labs provides decentralized solutions to several on-chain partners ranging from small enterprises to big-tech & investment management funds.

Moreover, Ignite Blockchain is better than BTC ETH because it uses POS technology. The best part of Ignite Blockchain is that once a user crosses 10,000 transactions, they are eligible to get up to 40% transaction fees back on each trade they initiate on Ignite Blockchain.

Ignite IT Labs was founded by the CEO Pankaj Gohel and COO ''Jagdish Narola' based in Dubai. In a recent development, Ignite Blockchain is officially on board with CertiK and working hard to ensure that the Blockchain is safe for everyone. Further details can be acquired here.

Additionally, one of the biggest Bollywood stars, Sanjay Dutt supports Ignite Blockchain. He tweeted: "Research says: "By 2030, #Blockchain could be used as a foundational #technology for 30% of the global customer base." I have been researching on @ignitechain since long & I found it worth looking for. Let's Hope for the best! #IgniteBlockchain #GetReadyForIgnite #BUIDLonIgnite". He had also posted about Ignite Blockchain on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Ignite IT Labs uses an automated and self-sustainable network model that enables pervasive of trustless economy & the ideology of pure decentralization. Ignite blockchain network is created to form a decentralized and distributed community that would develop, test, and launch new exciting blockchain technology-powered financial products and applications.

We aim for mass-market adoption by providing lower costs yet ultra-fast peer-to-peer networks to bring down hefty transaction fees and confirmation time. Ignite Chain is built to enhance the on-chain decentralized experience and scale up the decentralized economy. It offers the following services:

Blazingly Fast: Perform a transaction in no time with the network capable of processing as high as 1500 transactions per second.

Lower Cost: The transaction cost is almost zero yet in superfast speed and inexpensive deployment of smart contracts with developer bounty programs.

Interoperability: Ignite Chain is functional with every other Blockchain with an in-built smart bridge contract that allows cross-chain transaction of assets seamlessly.

Secured Architecture operations: With the custom protocol, Ignite Chain offers multiple security layers to protect the network from unnecessary entities and access.

About Ignite IT Labs: It is the World's First Transaction Fees-Back Protocol. Ignite Blockchain is a public, permissionless, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain running on the worlds' leading Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

Potential users must visit the Ignite website for further information