IgniteChain Weekly Update: 17th July to 25th July

IgniteChain Weekly Update: 17th July to 25th July

Dear IgniteChain Community,

Welcome to our 17 July to 25 July Weekly Update blog post!

IgniteChain Bridge 

The cross-chain bridge between BEP-20 and IGT-20 network is going live next week. With this bridge, users will be able to swap their $IGT coin from BNBChain to IgniteChain and vise-versa.


We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Prabha Devi Group that aims to move Prabha Devi Group medical college's administration and curriculum of medical college and hospital to the IgniteChain platform. the adoption of this cutting-edge IgniteChain across a wide range of educational and medical fields is the long-term goal, and we have great faith that our collaboration will be advantageous for all of India.

Furthermore, Hemant Jass, advisory at IgniteChain, had a fabulous meeting with Gopal Gupta Cabinet Minister for Industrial Development of Uttar Pradesh about the potential of blockchain technology and the implementation of its applications in various government services.

Over the past month, our Discord, Twitter and Telegram channels have grown exponentially, and we are excited to welcome all new members into our community.

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