IgniteChain Weekly Update: 29th August to 5th September

IgniteChain Weekly Update: 29th August to 5th September

Dear IgniteChain Community,

Welcome to our 29th August to 5th September Weekly Update blog post!

We had an amazing August and are proud to share some of the big updates here with you today.

Last month’s highlights include We promise to live our Bridge as soon as possible, IgniteChain partnership with Prabha Devi Group as well Hemant Jass, advisory at IgniteChain had a fabulous meeting with Gopal Gupta Cabinet Minister for Industrial Development of Uttar Pradesh about the potential of blockchain technology and the implementation of its applications in various government services. 

IgniteChain Partnership with HamiNetwork, HAMI, also known as Hybrid Autonomous Monetary Infrastructure, is a Blockchain-based project which helps Anyone to Invest, Send or Receive Crypto Instantly without any technical knowledge.

We’re proud to announce that the IgniteChain bridge is now live, all the $IGT token holders on BNB Smart Chain are now able to move their IGT to IgniteChain Mainnet. 

The Bridge is currently allowing the transfer of $IGT tokens between both Blockchain. We are planning to support other BEP-20 assets and Stablecoin. 

The Ignite Bridge will help IgniteChain in innovation around cross-chain liquidity and asset management. 

We are excited to announce we complete 4+ Million Blocks on IgniteChain Mainnet. and it continuously increases.

Over the past month, our Discord, Twitter and Telegram channels have grown exponentially, and we are excited to welcome all new members into our community.

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