IGT is now live on BitMart Exchange

We are excited to announce the official listing of IGT on the BitMart Exchange Monday 6th June 2022.

IGT is now live on BitMart Exchange

The trading goes live with the IGT/USDT pair. A spot wallet for IgniteChain has been enabled for IGT deposits and withdrawals directly from the Exchange. 

BitMart is The most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform which provides real-time trading services. IgniteChain is in partnership with BitMart Exchange to offer IGT trading on the global level.

Also, we completed the IGT Flash Sale on 3rd June at 10:00 AM EDT. All the 40,000 IGT tokens were sold out within 3 hours of the sale starting. We are so overwhelmed by the support from the Ignite community.

IGT Coin Flash Sale Overview

Tokens Offered

40,000 IGT

Sale Price

1 IGT = 1.25 USDT

Token Sold

40,000 IGT



We will constantly push ourselves to be a leader in the blockchain scene. IgniteChain is aiming to become the next hub for decentralized finance and is entitled to be the leading enterprise blockchain network.


Follow these simple steps to buy IGT on BitMart Exchange:

  • Create and Confirm your BitMart Account. 
  • Deposit your funds in your wallet.
  • SelectIGT/USDT pair from the spot trading section, 
  • Enter the amount and click on the Buy button. 

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Explorer: https://ignitescan.com/

Docs: https://ignitechain.gitbook.io/ignitechain-docs

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