Looking Back at 2022 – IgniteChain Year in Review

Looking Back at 2022 – IgniteChain Year in Review

Hey! It’s the last day of excellent 2022.

It's time to say goodbye to 2022 and Welcome 2023, Let’s flick through 2022 before we step into the new year 2023 to see what we have accomplished so far this year. 

The year 2022 was amazing at IgniteChain! This year, IgniteChain Team thrived on exceeding excellence in every term.

At the beginning of the year, IgniteChain Collaborate with Bollywood Super Star, Sanjay Dutt, it was a proud moment for Team IgniteChain.

Then, IgniteChain increases our Blockchain Nodes, Block speed, Consensus Algorithms, Coin supply, Gas fees, Ecosystem, UI/UX Design, Validator, Delegator, Dapps, Genesis Block, Node Strategy, Genesis smart contract, and Rebate Protocol, which help low fees, high scalability, and hold themselves to the highest standard of security.

In June, We collaborated with MetaWhaleWorld to spread our identity in the BlockChain era.

Metawhale world is A virtual gaming platform that allows players to build and monetize their gaming experiences.

As part of the strategic partnership, MetawhaleWorld will use the IgniteChain network to design & mint and distribute digital arts for their NFT museum.  

In July, We update our IgniteScan beautiful and smooth UI/UX design that provides a better user experience for our users. Have a look at https://ignitescan.com/

Alongside, We partner with CryptoUnityNews as the official crypto Media Partner.

CryptpoUnityNews is a media platform that shares the latest news on decentralized finance, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

It was a big month for us at IgniteChain The cross-chain bridge between BEP-20 and IGT-20 networks went live.

in August, IgniteChain Partnership with HamiNetwork

Hami Network known as Hybrid Autonomous Monetary Infrastructure is a Blockchain-based project which helps Anyone to Invest, Send or Receive Crypto Instantly without any technical knowledge.

We will added another achievement the Global Inspirational Award earned by our CEO Jagdish Narola & Advisor Hemant Jass has been awarded at Naya Bharat Mahotsav 2022 from Trident Events & Media Ltd on 9th September 2022 at the Palace of Westminster, UK Parliament.

Alongside, IgniteChain collaborates with Haxly Group. they will come in as a strategic investor on the board of Ignitechain. The firm has consented to invest up to USD 25M in business over the next couple of years.

Furthermore, IgniteScan has updated internal transaction & log information which means you can track the internal transaction and find each transaction log information in ignitescan,

During the Year 2022, We Introduce of Ignite Community Token ($ICT).

ICT token is a community token for our global community. We want to ensure that every member in the IgniteChain ecosystem gets the community benefits of being an IGNITER and that the ICT token is essentially going to make it happen.

It was a wonderful effort by IgniteChain Team to make the Ignite community stronger. 


Let’s Scale IgniteChian together. Don’t forget to share this post with Blockchain Community. We’re truly thankful for the support.

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