Our Website Got a New Logo and UI/UX

Introducing the new "IgniteChain"   

Our Website Got a New Logo and UI/UX

With the same values but advanced features with the same goal but the latest technology.

IgniteChain is going to be the next hub for a decentralized economy. We reached a significant step towards implementing our Blockchain functionality on Ignite, we upgrade new Blockchain features and their related technologies, the upgrade is meant to streamline the processing of transactions and make them more efficient in speed and cost.

IgniteChain Went with a new logo and UI/UX Design to reflect our new brand positioning in the Blockchain Market.

IgniteChain new look is the story of what we did, why we did it, and what you can expect next.

Finally, We update our Magnificent logo and smooth UI/UX design that provides a better user experience for our Customers.

Notes the article “Meaning and Uses of Blue Colors in our IgniteChain Logo,” which says that blue represents Authority, Loyalty, Power, Professionalism, and Trust.

Let's check our old and new logo.


Check our logo Sample

Have a look at https://ignite.info/

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