The Ignite Community Private Sale is Now Live

Ignite Chain is building a disruptive decentralized ecosystem by maximizing the use of the latest technology in the finance sector. Using blockchain technology at the core, Ignite Chain is aiming to build an extensive decentralized finance ecosystem with a variety of blockchain-based products.

The Ignite Community Private Sale is Now Live

A private sale has started! we have opened our Private Sale to our early supporters and already participated! We are excited to have you join us!

A total of 5 million IGT coins will be on private sale with a price range starting from $1 per coin. A private sale has 7 phases, to be completed in 45 days. There is no limitation on coin buying as all coins will be live on private sale at once. Unsold IGT coins will be added to public sales. A willing party needs to require BUSD tokens to participate in a private sale.

In order to make the IGT coin distribution process more efficient, the IGT price will now be linked to USD

How to participate in Ignite Coin Private Sale?

Step 1: Click on ‘Join Private Sale

Step 2: Set your Metamask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network & load it with BUSD tokens

Step 3: After connecting the wallet to the website, click on ‘Buy IGT Coins’ & complete the transaction process

Step 4: Once your transaction is validated, you will receive IGT Coins in your IGT wallet address.


Below are some of the features IGT chain

Blazingly Fast:

Perform a transaction in no time with the network capable of processing as high as 1500 transactions per second.

Lower Cost:

The cost of a transaction is almost zero yet in superfast speed and inexpensive deployment of smart contracts with developer bounty programs.


Ignite Chain is functional with every other blockchain with an in-built smart bridge contract that allows cross-chain transaction of assets seamlessly

Secured Architecture operations:

With the use of the custom protocol, Ignite Chain offers multiple security layers to protect the network from unnecessary entities and access

Private Sale Details:

  • Minimum: 100 BUSD
  • Maximum: 30000 BUSD

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