The Key Feature of IgniteChain for Maximizing Blockchain Efficiency

The Key Feature of IgniteChain for Maximizing Blockchain Efficiency

In this blog post, we provide a brief description of the innovative features that sets Ignite Blockchain apart as a new standard in the blockchain ecosystem.

Ignite Chain is built to enhance the on-chain decentralized experience and scale up the decentralized economy

Ignite Key Features

There are many features of using the ignite blockchain. Some of these include:

Blazingly Fast

Perform a transaction in no time with the network capable of processing as high as 2608 transactions per second.

Lower Cost

The cost of a transaction is almost zero yet in superfast speed and inexpensive deployment of smart contracts with developer bounty programs.


IgniteChain is functional with every other blockchain with an in-built smart bridge contract that allows cross-chain transaction of assets seamlessly

Secured Architecture operations

With the use of the custom protocol, IgniteChain offers multiple security layers to protect the network from unnecessary entities and access. 

ETH Compatibility

IgniteChain is EVM compatible, independent blockchain working on Proof-of-Stake Voting (PoSV) with Proof-Of-Reward (PoR) consensus model to process transactions. 

Privacy Enabled

No third-party intermediaries are allowed to obtain data from the Ignite network without permission of the sovereign authority.

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